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free teespring campaign

Giving away 1 FREE Profitable Tee-Spring Campaign

If you haven’t heard of Tee Spring yet, you might be living underneath a rock. Basically its a platform you can sell t-shirts on for a commission. Now as a lot of you may know – affiliate marketers, designers and really people from all industries have been trying to get profitable on facebook.

Alright, Alright now for the good stuff..

I have ran thousands of dollars with tee spring so over time I have found campaigns that work, and others that fail. And sometimes others just die for various reasons. So what am I giving away to the people who take action?


Why did this advertisement out perform all the others?

After testing a variety of headlines, descriptions, and images this was ultimately the winner. I received a lot of FREE traffic simply by asking. Notice in my copy I ask them to tag three friends who might like the design, you’d be surprised how many people do this. Not only that I gave them an incentive and a sense of urgency by telling them to claim the $10 off instantly and that it isn’t in stores.

Why didn’t I continue to run it?

LONG story. I have a designer on staff that handles all my t-shirt designs and most recently even the concepts (that changed) but after running about $500.00 to the campaign targeting bike shops, and events I started to get a TON of back lash from a state run bike community. Apparently they use this design to fund their events and sell it locally. Of course instead of asking me to stop running it I received threats claiming they own the trade mark (which after a call with my lawyer – they don’t). Even at 150% ROI I decided to take down the campaign just to avoid the issue completely. Do they own the trade mark? No. This campaign is open game to those of you that are creative.

My personal tips for a successful tee spring launch:

  • Research your target audience. Understand what they like, what they talk about and how your design can fill a need.
  • Always use a dark shirt in your ad. Not sure why but anytime I use a white shirt, or a light color in my news feed ads on facebook they under perform. My best advice is a black t-shirt and a crisp/bright design.
  • Double even Triple Entendre’s work and work WELL. Meaning, if your design is a sexual innuendo even they catch peoples attention, and is a conversation starter. The more your design makes people talk – the more it will sell. Which is why this campaign I am giving away had such high CTR’s and shares was because of the sexual nature of the quote fitting in the bike niche.
  • Test ALL bidding options. Meaning don’t always stick to PPE ads or even just straight CPC based pricing. Facebook as a platform is adaptive. You can have two of the exact same ads running and one of them can out perform the other by 10% or even more.

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